I am going to cut and paste this article and just leave it here and if you read it than you will understand verbatim where I currently stand. I’m a F’ing mess and nothing makes any flipping sense at all anymore and after many many unsuccessful Google searches I finally got mad and yelled at her something like; “I can’t fucking figure this out!!!! What the fuck is wrong with me spiritually!!!!!””” And this article was at the top so save it because it’s probably not as easy to find as I like to think and it’s got some important words in it. You might need it some day and if your crazy enough to follow my path than maybe it will save you some fricking stress. I need a fucking vacation stat. When if it’s only an hour up the road I need a break for at least 5 days but first I need a mechanic and a miracle because this place won’t let me out!!!!! It’s great and I’m grateful and it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to but that doesn’t mean I don’t need a break. It’s all becoming extremely frustrating and it’s not going to lighten up any time soon and I need to get out. I mean it when I say this article is EXACTLY how I feel. Yeah it’s great with a happy ending but…… I’m going to continue to listen to pink floyd and think until my mind explodes. Full moon got me again. Goodnight. Il leave a picture of my sunset just because my ego wants to remind itself one last time that tomorrow I’m blessed enough to watch my 30th-ish consecutive beautiful masterpiece God mustered up. I feel as if I should point out that I’m good I’m just exhausted. I love my life and I’m gonna figure this out. At least it’s mostly fun and always exciting. The blessed.


Confused- out 2300hrs

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